Privacy statement

This privacy statement applies to the use of the Shenzhen new industry biomedical engineering Limited by Share Ltd website (hereinafter referred to as the site) to provide users with a variety of services. We respect and protect the privacy of the user, and solemn promise, unless there is legal or procedural requirements, without the user's authorization, we will not publish information and user personal information. We will regularly check the privacy protection measures, and effectively ensure that the user's personal data privacy protection.

Users of the website service center, seeking a person, contact us and other columns, the website will provide relevant information necessary according to the actual situation to the user, these materials belong to the scope of protection of privacy, we will carry out the privacy protection of these data content.

In the following exceptional circumstances, the aforementioned commitments will not be guaranteed, and the user's information will be disclosed. These circumstances include but are not limited to:

(1) when the user on the site in violation of the "computer information network and Internet security protection and management measures", "Internet information services management approach", or may damage or interfere with other users of the rights and interests or cause others to suffer damage, the disclosure of personal information of users to identify, contact or take legal action necessary the action.

(2) personal information required to be disclosed or disclosed as required by laws and regulations.

(3) when the judicial organ or other authorized organs perform their duties according to law, and require the website to open the specific personal information.

This website has the technical measures and comprehensive security protection mechanism to ensure the maintenance of user information content, but because of force majeure or because of computer virus, hacker attacks and other special external intrusion, causing the user information leaks and damage, loss, this site does not bear any legal responsibility.

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